About Us

The New Day New Way is a nonprofit organization that aims to work with local parks, communities, and nonprofit foundations to provide resources and character development programs, such as sport camps & workshops with professional athletes. If local sports teams are in need of new equipment or if there is someone that cannot afford registration fees or in need of school supplies, we want to assist in any way possible. Within the next five years, New Day New Way will open a recreational center for children between the ages 5 through 18.

Together we will facilitate the development of individuals in achieving their physical, intellectual, and social wellbeing through sports, as well as the development of good sportsmanship and citizenship. Our goal is the development of the individual to become honorable members of the community. Also to provide a positive platform for the everyday person looking for a job or for those looking to become self-sustaining entrepreneurs. With each new day, there is a new way!

Our Focus

New Day New Way will be a dynamic platform focused on the betterment of individuals and local communities. Everyday is a new day to accomplish something different that will enhance your life for the better. Whether it be volunteering, seeking employment, starting a new workout regime, opening a business, or just waking up every morning with the mindset that each day will be better than the last. We want to assist with rebuilding our neighborhoods by supporting families, motivating children and guiding teens through life’s challenges and triumphs.

You Can Make An Impact

We can only meet our goals with the support of community members like you! With your continued generosity, we will be able to further our mission in bettering lives of individuals across all communities. With just a small donation, you can make a difference. Every cent counts.