Feeding the Less Fortunate – Downtown Miami 11/05/2017

Everyone needs help at some point in their lives. Everyone also has the ability to help in someway or another. Volunteering and donating are not one of the most easiest or glamorous of jobs, however it is one of the most beneficial, rewarding, and uplifting. While there is no monetary compensation received from volunteering, many will tell you their experiences and work gained as a volunteer were worth more than any money they could have acquired from any other line of work.

Join the New Day New Way Foundation as we participate in our bi-monthly community objective project in feeding the less fortunate and distributing toiletry Care Kits. We have previously been able to help those in the Downtown Atlanta area and now we will be heading back to the Downtown Miami/Overtown. We need the community’s support to make this project a success! No donation is ever too small or big. For more information about the event, how to donate, or to become a sponsor, please fill out the contact form or email us at info@newdaynewway.us.

Items Needed to Fill Care Kits (travel size):



Soap (bar or body wash)


Feminine Products





If you are in the South Florida area and would like to donate supplies, we have a drop off site located at 2010 NE 7th Ave, Dania Beach FL.