Patriots’ Bernard Reedy will return to $11 an hour job after the Super Bowl

Patriots backup wide receiver Bernard Reedy said before this season that he’ll never quit his $11 an hour driving a van for people with disabilities, and he’s standing by that.

Reedy confirmed to ESPN this week that after the Super Bowl, he’ll be back in Florida working for Care Ride, the company that pays him $11 an hour to help people with disabilities get around.

“As soon as our offseason officially starts,” Reedy said, “I’ll be back at Care Ride when I’m able to. The work don’t stop. Everybody still needs help.”

Reedy has had an NFL career that’s seen him released and re-signed multiple times, so it’s been good for him to know he has another job. And he says even if he sticks around long enough in the NFL to become financially set for life, he’d keep doing it because he sees it as a service.

“I used to think about a lot of the people I would pick up and the situations that they [were] in and the stories I heard. Some of the stories, the normal average person wouldn’t believe, but that stuff’s true,” Reedy said. “It’s just ironic that I’ve had a job like that in the situation that I was in. To be around positivity and listen to people go through what I went through — I went through it sportswise and they went through it in life. It was tough to want to play and to want to be on somebody’s team and [I] just [didn’t] get the break yet, but I also thought, ‘What about the people on life support? What about the people who can’t walk that want to walk again?’ That stuff’s way more serious than running around and playing football.”

Reedy has not played much for the Patriots since they picked him up after the Buccaneers cut him this season. But just by being on the team, he will make $112,000 if the Patriots win — more than 10,000 hours worth of work at $11 an hour.


Article By: Michael David Smith, ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports  •